Episode: 100x45’


This is the story of true love reuniting old enemies and reopening old wounds.

Aziz and Feride are the children of two big enemies, Faik and Tahsin, who fought over to win Suheyla’s heart many years ago. However only one of them succeeded and that is Faik. As a very wealthy businessman, Suheyla becomes the only object Tahsin ever wanted but couldn’t reach. Finding out that his son Aziz falls in love with the daughter of his biggest enemy Faik and the love of his life, Suheyla; Tahsin thinks that he’s got the opportunity for revenge he has been waiting for so long.

Aziz, is the only son and heir of a very wealthy family and he respects his father , Tahsin, more than anyone. However, one day he will find out the truth about his father and this will turn Aziz’s life upside down. He is a strong and very respected character.

On the other hand, Feride is a decent young girl who lost her mother, Suheyla, when she was three. Although she wanted to study fashion, Feride had to quit school in order to work and make money. Her stepmother and step-siblings hate Feride yet she resists all their annoying treats just to make her father happy.

For the first time, Aziz and Feride meet, it is love at first sight for Aziz while Feride hates him very much. In order to ignite flames of this love, Aziz sets traps for Feride to get fired from her job and start working for him the but Feride’s hate turns into love in the same intensity. That’s the beginning of their legendary love like Lajla and Mecnun.

However, they don’t know that their true love will become the great plan for Tahsin to get even with Faik. And we will witness the survival attempts of this great love despite this filthy game.


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