Episode: 100x45’


The Circle is the story of two brave young men in a dark world. Cihangir (Serkan Cayoglu) and Kaan (Kaan Yildirim) are dragged into a game created by mafia, money and death.

Kaan is a prisoner and Cihangir is the so-called son of a big mafia member. Both young men are fighting against a criminal organization named “The Circle” for different reasons but same goals.

The Circle is a criminal organization founded at least 40 years ago. Its leader is Cengiz Erkmen. Cihangir’s so-called father Ilhan is one of the big members of this organization. The villain of this story is Humeyra (Nazan Kesal) and she is both direct and indirect mother of Kaan and Cihangir although they are not brothers. Humeyra causes the death of Ilhan’s brother. As a punishment, The Circle kidnaps Humeyra’s new born, Cihangir, and demands a ransom. In return for Ilhan’s murdered brother, The Circle hands Cihangir in to Ilhan. In the meantime, Cengiz Erkmen’s kidnapped son Kaan is handed in to Humeyra. And this leads to the cross of the two young men’s paths. Years later, Humeyra draws Kaan and Cihangir into the same game to rule The Circle.

While struggling to dissolve their intermingled past, Kaan and Cihangir fall into the circle of love with Mujde (Hande Ercel) and Bahar (Hazal Subasi). Bahar is a very successful cop and she is in charge of Kaan's file and she can't help growing feelings for prisoner Kaan. Mujde, on the other hand, is the daughter of a famous criminal and she has a crush on Cihangir although she knows that Cihangir is engaged with another girl. All four of them become victims of The Circle and none of them can escape from it no matter how hard they try.


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