Ciragan Conspiracy

Ciragan Conspiracy

Episode: 8x45'


The operation named Ciragan Conspiracy in history books is the act of Ali Suavi who was backed by the English and the Freemasons, to conspire against the Ciragan Castle with all the men he can gather. The aim is to release Murad V who is in house arrest at the place, and march down to Yildiz Palace to dethrone Abdulhamit II. If this wasn’t to be achieved, they still aimed to smuggle Murad V out of the country so that they can use him as an upper hand just like it was done with Cem Sultan some 500 years before. The situation is dangerous. Russians are also aiming to go into İstanbul first chance they get.A struggle with many facets and players have begun. In this fight, Abdulhamit’s wit, calmness and the news network he has established over his enemies would prove key.

Producer : PIAR DNA

Director : Oguzhan TERCAN


  • Engin Altan DUZYATAN
  • Ceyda ATES
  • Ahmet Mumtaz TAYLAN
  • Caner KURTARAN
  • Savas OZDEMIR
  • Kadir OZDAL
  • Yesim GUL

  • TX DATE 2014

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