The Great Exile 'Caucasia'

The Great Exile 'Caucasia'

Episode: 4x80'


The Great Exile to Kafkaz is a story of an unprotected and forgotten nation that lives in Caucasia . It tells life struggles, loves and agonies of families who are left in the Soviet Union after collapse of their country following World War I. Communist regime is ruthless. The ongoing World War II is causing great pain to the people of the region. People of Ahiska and the neighbouring villages are unaware of a journey of death which starts in the morning of October 15th, 1944 and unexplicable pains they will be driven to after all they had suffered before.

Seddulbahir 32 Hours tells about the outstanding resistance of Turkish army. It is beyond legendary and bravery. The Great Exile to Kafkaz tells the life stories of two families, one living in Demirkapi Village at Turjish border and the other in Orsep Village near Ahiska in the Soviet Union. Rustem of Demirkapi Village would have to leave his wife and children behind while the family of Ahmet Efendi of Orsep Village would break up after exile.

Producer : 314 Film Yapim

Director : Mehmet Ada OZTEKIN


  • Melis BIRKAN
  • Tolga SARITAS
  • Elif ATAKAN
  • Alpay ATALAN
  • Nilufer ACIKALIN
  • Atila Klince SOTA
  • Ziba Radoncic PETA

  • TX DATE 2014

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