MELEK: A Mother’s Struggle

MELEK: A Mother’s Struggle

Episode: 100x45’

Season: 1

Available Language: Turkish

Production Year: 2019

Original Title: Benim Adım Melek

Genre: Drama

Melek (Nehir Erdoğan) is a powerful woman. She is leaving the house because of conflicts with his father. Time changes everything and Melek is forced to return home. Melek describes a mother who sacrifices everything for her children and about her fight to protect them.

Karadag Family’s daughter Melek (Nehir Erdogan) and Sirhan Family’s son, Halil (Kutsi) are supposed to have an arranged marriage. On their engagement day, Melek elopes with Alpay (Kaan Cakir), the man she loves, to Berlin, Germany. After this incident, the families never mentioned Melek’s name again. However, Melek was never forgotten by Halil. Melek leaved everything behind to marry Alpay but things start to shake between Melek and Alpay despite all the years spent together and their three children. The day Melek learned she has cancer.

She wants to talk Alpay about her disease and the problems between them. But, she learns that her husband divorces her and gets custody of her children by forged documents same day.

After losing everything, she decides to go back to her motherland to ask for her father’s forgiveness… To the man, she brought shame for all those years. She wants to entrust her kids to her father and to give her last breath in peace … But she understands that motherhood is not about giving up, it is about living for her kids. MELEK “A Mother’s Struggle” is the tale of a woman who rebuilds her life with her kids and her family.


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