Episode: 100 x 45’

Season: 1

Available Language: Turkish

Production Year: 2019

Original Title: Şampiyon

Genre: Drama

The story of a father and his son. After her wife passed away as a result of a incurable disease, Kafkas (Tolgahan Sayışman) who is a boxer, decided to give up everything until he learns that his son has the same disease. To save his life, it is time to back for the last round.

Firat Bolukbasi (Tolgahan Sayisman) the young and skilled boxer, is going to have the fight of his life and win the trophy he has been dreaming of. However, at same night, his wife Eylul passed away as she delivered their baby and before her death, she asked for one last wish. She wanted her husband to quit boxing and keep their son away from everything that kept her worried for years. Hours before, he won the championship belt, but after that night, he is just a father… A father who dedicates himself to his son who has FMF.

However, years go by and his son’s disease becomes worse than expected. The father and his son Gunes go to Istanbul to find a cure… A sudden decision without the required financial status. As they set foot in Istanbul, they start to fight with this stranger megacity along with Gunes’s disease. Once a great boxer, now a great father, Firat turns their struggle into a fairy world for his son… They wander around Istanbul from like the hospital to by hospital, door by the door all alone. The most bitter experience in Istanbul turns out to be a doorstep through a new miracle… And they meet Doctor Suna covers all hospital expenses and everything else. But life hits harder than Firat’s opponents in the ring. And real-life miracles don’t last long. Like this one…


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