On The Path Of Sitting Bull

On The Path Of Sitting Bull



The Lakota, commonly known as the Sioux, are one of the great Native American nations of North America. Their homeland is the North and SouthDakota provinces of today’s USA. Tatanka Iyotake, Sitting Bull, was one of their great leaders who fought hard to preserve his people’sway of. Hewas 59 years old when killed by the US army in 1890. His people, facing many hardships since then, are still trying to survive. On the Path of Sitting Bull is actually the story of his descendants who are struggling hard to keep their culture alive. Though they have too many problems to deal with, yet their life is not just a misery. This documentary aims to focus on the real life of the modern Lakota, not only with stories of pain and anger, but also of laughter and hope for the future.

Produced By: Ece SOYDAM

Directed By: Ece SOYDAM

TX Date: 2010

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