Fatih The Conqueror

Fatih The Conqueror

Episode:7x26' 1x52'


The Man who changed the destiny of Europe Voltaire wrote: “All our historians even the most modern, keep on repeating the stories created by hermits”. For them, Mehmed the Second was the person who set fire to Istanbul.Voltaire never shared that viewpoint. In this documentary, TRT will draw a portrait of an epoch characterized by the imperialistic policies of a Young Sultan and his interesting personality. The film will explore and give an insight into the essence of political power that the motivated changes in Europe. The story will be told through Mehmed II’s personality which is replete with dramatical conflicts. The documents are recorded in Vatican, Marciana (Venice), Topkapı Suleymaniye, Manisa, Bursa, Edirne Manuscript Libraries. Little Fatih is acted by Ege Akal; Young Fatih by Ismail Demirci; old Fatih by Orhan Osmanoglu, the grandson of Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid the Second.

Produced By: Kerime Senyucel

Directed By: Kerime Senyucel - Ozkan Ozan

TX Date: 2013

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