Two Ottomans In Istanbul

Two Ottomans In Istanbul

Episode: 37x100'


Everything starts one day before the conquest of Istanbul on May 28th 1453. Dogan and Sahin are two Janissaries (Ottoman Soldiers) with very different characters. Their main goal is to raise the Ottoman flag on to the walls surrounding Constantinople. Unfortunately things do not develop as they had thought. The sole ruler of the country, Alexandros of Byzantium wants to murder the Ottoman Emperor Sultan Mehmet II. He is even ready to sacrifice his beautiful daughter Konstantina for this cause, however he cannot succeed. In the meantime Dogan and Sahin are constantly caught in arguments with each other and they end up deviating from their position of duty. The consequences of this mistake end up being very vital for them. They both plead for mercy and ask for one more chance from Aksemsettin the wise man and scholar of Islam. Aksemsettin accepts and sends them to the century of opportunities… to the year 2013. They are now sent to today’s Istanbul…

Cast: Ismail HACIOGLU, Vildan ATASEVER, Osman WOBER, Tuncer SALMAN, Gulcin SANTIRCIOGLU, Toprak SAGLAM, Pelin AKIL, Bertan CEYLAN, Mazhar ALANSON, Cemal HUNAL

Produced By: Ozkan IPEK, Inci GULEN, Sevda KAYGISIZ

Directed By: Mustafa Sevki DOGAN

TX DATE 2013-2014

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