The Law Of The Wolf

The Law Of The Wolf

Episode: 18x65’


The Law of the Wolf is the story of a man named Kara Kemal, who was once a king in Istanbul, and who, after the Izmir Assassination, sawall the doors get closed to his face and inwant of a safe haven.A group of Committee of Progress and Union members found themselves sidelined and outcast after the Turkish War of Independence. In this emotional states they conjured up a plan for what was one of the most controversial events of the history of the Turkish Republic. The story begins with Abdulkerim, famous for his casanova character, so bid farewell to the city-liner Gulcemal. Abdulkerim does not notice the fact that the nice lady that came out of the liner was Ballı Naciye, the lover of Laz Ismail, and he follows her to her home. When Abdulkerim was having fun with Naciye,Baytar Rasim is looking for Abdu lkerim. Rasim has heard that Ziya Hurşit from the assassination squad had contacted with the government and he thought that the situation must be immediately reported to KaraKemal.

Cast: Umit ACAR, Ali BASAR, Pelin AKIL, Bahar KERIMOGLU, Ilker KIZMAZ, Ahmet SOMERS

Produced By: PANA FILM

Directed By: Yasin USLU

TX Date: 2012

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