Episode: 28x90'


Adapted from Kemal Tahir's novel of the same name, the series is about the establishment of the Free Republic Party, its political life of 3 months, and the socio-economic conditions of Turkey at that time. Turkish Head of State, President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk had long felt the clumsiness brought about by the single-party political stage. He requested Fethi Okyar, Ambassador of Turkey in Paris, to establish a party, that will politically compete with the ruling party of Ismet Inonu. Crossroads is about this attempt for democracy which took its place as one of the milestones of Turkish political history, and its reflections on politicians and on general public. The birth, life, and the death of the Free Party is the constant background and the main theme of the series. Initially planned to be a controlled, tamed opposition party, Free Party was conceived as a salvation by masses which was fighting with the heavy economic and sociological burdens of the increasingly retrogressing one party rule.

Cast: Ahmet UGURLU, Engin Altan DUZYATAN, Dolunay SOYSERT, Ilker KIZMAZ, Ibrahim KENDIRCI, Kerem ALISIK, Yavuz SEPETCI, Haluk COMERT, Seda YILDIZ, Ali TUTAL,

Produced By: PANA FILM

Directed By: Yasin USLU

TX DATE 2012-2013

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