The 80's

The 80's

Season 1: 21x100'
Season 2: 48x100'
Season 3: 52x100'
Season 4: 39x100'
Season 5: 33x100'
Season 6: 35x100'


THE EIGHTIES is the story of the past 32 years in Turkey. The drama takes place mostly in the 1980s. This sit-com is the story of family and friendship through the perspective of a traditional Turkish family, called the Ozdemirs. The main attraction of this sit-com is the nostalgic flair of the 80’s, because there was no technology and modern life back in the 80’s in Turkey. In this sit-com, many of the young spectators will see certain novelties and technologies that came to life in the 80’s for the first time. EIGTHIES also reflects the socio-political life of Turkey in those years. The years towards 1980 were kind of dangerous in Turkey when there were street fights between paramilitary right-wing and left-wing powers. Of course, family Ozdemir is very much effected by the political incidents. In short, EIGHTIES is a sit-com of nostalgic memories where the spectators will find the blue, yet funny story of the Ozdemirs that spans a whole thirty years.

Cast: Rasim OZTEKIN, Ozlem TURKAD, Soray UZUN, Vural CELIK, Ilker AYRIK, Serhat KILIC

Produced By: Birol GUVEN

Directed By: Mufit Can SACINTI

TX DATE 2012-2017

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