Old Story

Old Story

Episode: 17x90'


Old Story is about a young man seeking revenge upon his father's murder. However, Old Story is not just about retribution. It revolves around the idea of a great and seemingly impossible love and personal betterment. As the old Latin phrase “Homo homini lupus” says, is man a wolf to his fellow man or is man sacred for man? (Seneca: Epistulae morales ad Lucilium) Old Story's main conflict is constructed upon these opposing premises which in reality are both true. (Thomas Hobbes: De Cive) In a world full of crime and intrigue, will Mete choose revenge or love?

Cast: Buğra GULSOY, Funda ERYIGIT, Murat DALTABAN, Sermet YESIL, Dalma DEBRE, Osman ALKAS

Produced By: ARC YAPIM - Fatih Enes OMEROGLU

Directed By: Bahadır INCE

TX DATE 2013-2014

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