Episode: 10x100'


“The one who defines victory is always the winner. What remains is just an ancient fight whose name changes day by day…” said Agah Bey. Milat is a story of the heroes in the National Intelligence Organization which is the most violent front of the fight, according to Agah Bey. Having been escaped from International Terror Crimes Prison of Netherlands, the notorious terrorist Asaf gathers extreme ends of two armed wings threatening Turkey thanks to support of prominent barons and causes Turkey to get bogged down at home and abroad. Revealed truths show that fight is a deftly hidden war rather than usual games of intelligence. From now on, National. Intelligence Organization (NIO) has to stand out against war by means of extraordinary methods. Murat Bey (Head of NIO Counter Intelligence Directorate), who is on the verge of retirement because of fatigue build up over years, is assigned to a new position under NIO Chief’s order. This would be a Milat.

Cast: Demir Kamil GORGUN, Ilhan SESEN, Ufuk BAYRAKTAR, Burcu KARA, Basak SAYAN, Elvin LEVINLER, Mustafa UGURLU, Yasemin OZTURK, Ismail Hakkı URUN, Volkan OZGOMEC, Cemil OZBAYER

Produced By: Eyup Gokhan OZEKIN

Directed By: Hakan KURSUN

TX Date: 2015

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