The Prisoner Of Love

The Prisoner Of Love

Episode: 227x45’


“A soul in love lives in dark and cold climate. Warmth and light is always one step away, in the hands of his lover. Love is, two hearts dragging towards each other but never getting together. Love is falling apart, too much apart, while trying to be closer...”

Omer is a young, handsome and wealthy man who has no trust in women since his mother left him for another man. The only woman he has ever cared for is his sister Ayse who is going through cancer and has 6 months left to live.

Zehra is a poor, beautiful and naïve girl living in the suburbs. Her only wish is to get her sick father the right treatment in a hospital. But she desperately needs money for that.

Ayse’s last wish is to see Omer getting married, and thus he arranges a contractual marriage with Zehra just to make Ayse happy. He offers Zehra money in exchange for the 6-month marriage play. However, due to various misunderstandings, Omer thinks that Zehra is nothing but a dishonest gold digger. But as time goes by, Omer slowly realizes that Zehra is not who he thought she was, his hatred starts to turn into real love…

Cast: Erkan MERIC, Hazal SUBASI, Ezgi BARAM, Elif Sultan TAS, Gözde GURKAN, Fatma KARANFIL, Ali COBAN


Directed By: Gül GUZELKAYA, Atilla CENGIZ

TX Date: 2017

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