Once Upon A Time Ottoman Empire: Mutiny

Once Upon A Time Ottoman Empire: Mutiny

Episodes: 20x95'


ONCE UPON A TIME OTTOMAN EMPIRE “MUTINY” is the story of the 18th century Ottoman period under the reign of Sultan Ahmet III trying to pursue a rather peaceful relationship with Europe, instead of campaigning. Just like each transition and reform period, these times are also marked by a bloody fight between the followers of the Status Quo, who are easily instigated, and those believing in reforms. The clash of these groups is also stirred up by foreign intelligence services. One of the protagonists of this story, Murat is an exsoldierwho upon the insistence of his wife Goncanigar gave up fighting and chose to live with his family in a little but happy world. But soon, as Goncanigar is killed by the men of the Shah of Iran, since she witnessed how they murdered the Sheikh, her husband finds himself in between bloody intrigues. The Shah of Persia has one goal: To dethrone the Sultan and replace him with his own son. So he forms an alliance with the enemies of the state. He does everything to hit the state. But his most powerful strike comes with Patrona Halil, an ordinary worker of a hammam, who instigates a mob uprising dethroning Sultan Ahmed III and ending the peaceful Tulip Period.


  • Turkan SORAY
  • Tolga KAREL
  • Cemal HUNAL
  • Firat TANIS
  • Oyku CELIK
  • Hazım KOMURCU

Produced By: Burhan OZKAN

Directed By: Altan DONMEZ

TX Date: 2012

Type: Drama - History

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