Episode: 32x90’


Even if the story takes place at the cloisters and tunnels of Istanbul, it is rather a timeless and placeless story. The protagonist of this fantastic story is Subat ,who grew up in an orphanage where his face partially burned in a fire from which he was saved by a collector guy called Mr. Aziz. During his orphanage days, Subat was subject to some experiments, as a result of which he gained super powers – a quality that was soon discovered by Mr. Aziz, who then began to raise Subat in a secluded place. Developing a peculiar intelligence and an uncontrollable power over the years, Subat’s ultimate passion is but Yagmur, whom he fell in love with after seeing her on TV. Yagmur is the daughter of the founder of a clinic where the orphanage is situated. Since she witnessed the murder of her father by underground people, she’s filled with a deep hatred against such people, among which also Subat seems to take place. One day,when chasing news at a crime scene, Yagmur meets Subat, after which a series of surprising events start to take place.

Cast: Alican YUCESOY, Melisa SOZEN,Musa UZUNLAR, Serkan ERCAN, Ozkan UGUR, Ulku DURU

Produced By: Orkun UNLU, Funda ALP

Directed By: Volkan KOCATURK

TX DATE 2012-2013

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