Blue Butterflies

Blue Butterflies

Episode: 26x90’


"Four people struggling to survive in the midst of war in Bosnia. The story of Murat, Aida, Marko and Derya after a bullet falls right into their lives. Murat, a Bosnian college student living in Istanbul. He has to quit his education in order to enlist to fight for his country and goes back to Bosnia. However, he not only falls in the middle of war, but also falls in the middle of love. Aida is a high school student. She admires Murat since childhood. How couldn’t she? Murat lives just accross the street and as Aida grew up, her admiration for Murat turned into a big love. But she has no courage to reveal her feelings. When she saw that Murat came back home, her dreams for getting together re-captured her. However, who will be the winner, love or destiny? Maybe their religions were different but they believed in the same dream. Marko is a Bosnian young man but he is also Serbian and a Christian. Always stayed in between, never felt fully belong to one. Except for this one girl, Aida. If only Murat wasn’t such a good friend of Marko. He has to make a choice, is it heart or brains? And Derya... A sophisticated girl coming from a wealthy family. She is Murat’s classmate and madly in love with him. She will be the pioneer in charity work for Bosnia and earn a lot of respect. Aida, Murat, Marko and Derya... A story made up of ups and downs, twists and turns, love and hate between these four young people. "

Cast: Oya AKAR, Cahit GOK,Yunus Emre YILDIRIMER, Sarp AKKAYA, Gamze TOPUZ, Ipek TENOLCAY, Itir ESEN, Ruhi SARI

Produced By: Hatice SOYSEV

Directed By: Yasemin TURKMENELI

TX Date: 2011-2012

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